Proof! makes math games fun!

Proof! is a fast, fun, and addicting card game that the whole family can enjoy! For 2 - 6 players, ages 9+, and taking only 15 minutes, Proof! is unlike most math games and will have you showing off both your math skills and creative thinking as you race to find equations hidden among nine number cards. Got the cards 2, 8, and 10? Concoct an equation like 10 - 2 = 8!

Allowing you to use almost any math symbols and all sorts of crazy equations, Proof! is one of the most broadly appealing math games out there, engaging for both students in a classroom and adults at a party.

Full game instructions can be found here.

Still can't get enough Proof! in your life? Check out the free, online game where you can compete with friends to rise up on the daily leaderboard. Or get those gears turning with one of our 300+ brain-benders called the Proof! Math Puzzle Challenges. Each carefully constructed puzzle consists of a set of nine cards that hides a challenging equation. Can you solve them all?

Proof! was created by Evermade in New York City. And if you like Proof!, you may also enjoy our other math game, Adsumudi.

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